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UA and ANA Launch Westbound Phase of Cargo Joint Venture     02/06/18

United Airlines and All Nippon Airways have announced the launch of the next phase of our cargo joint venture. Effective today, we have added westbound transpacific routes to the successful eastbound transpacific phase of the venture launched in July 2016.

This expansion of the UA-ANA cargo joint venture provides customers with shipments originating in the U.S. or Canada and bound for Japan the same benefits currently enjoyed by customers with shipments originating in Japan and bound for the U.S. or Canada.

These customer benefits include access to more destinations with quicker transport times and enhanced technology to create one-stop shopping. The UA-ANA cargo joint venture network includes 360 nonstop flights a week to 15 destinations and numerous flight and truck connections within the U.S. and Canada.

Here's how you can take advantage of the expanded joint venture network and services:
-- Both eastbound transpacific and westbound transpacific routings are now available on the UA/ANA joint venture network
-- Please continue to book as you do today -- contact UA for bookings on 016 air waybills and ANA for bookings on 205 air waybills
-- Tender shipments to the freight facility of the air waybill owner (UA or ANA)
-- Contact the air waybill owner, or use any of our online resources, to track shipments-in-transit

The goal of the UA/ANA cargo joint venture is to create a more valuable transpacific cargo network and to increase the choices and benefits available to our cargo customers. United and All Nippon Airways look forward to transporting your shipments on our cargo joint venture network soon!

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